Conference schedules

Time table of JILCW2024

Wednesday, September 4 Thursday, September 5 Friday, September 6
Morning Invited talks
Contributed talks
Invited talks
Contributed talks
Afternoon Opening
Invited talks
Contributed talks
Contributed talks
Evening Conference dinner


Invited Speakers (Italy)

Tommaso Bellini (University of Milano) Polarization switching and electric field entrainment in ferroelectric nematics
Liana Lucchetti (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Ferroelectric liquids on ferroelectric solids
Luciano De Sio (Sapienza University of Rome)
Controlling polarization-insensitive chiral liquid crystal reflectors via thermo-responsive optical metastructures
Roberto Caputo (Università della Calabria)
Exploring the tunability of coupled MIM nanocavities through extremely thin liquid-crystals layers
Alberta Ferrarini (Università di Padova)
Spontaneous twist in chiral and achiral nematics
Fulvio Bisi (Università di Pavia)
Identification of nematic phases through third-order group projection
Antonio d’Alessandro (Sapienza University of Rome)
Tuneable guided wave liquid crystals devices for biophotonic applications
Silvia Orlandi (University of Bologna)
Can DNA tetramers form liquid crystal phases? A computational answer
Giacomo Saielli (CNR Padova)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ionic Liquid Crystals
Filippo Cardano (University of Naples)
Liquid-crystal spin-orbit photonics for structured light manipulation
Tommaso Fraccia (University of Milano)
Multiphase liquid and liquid crystal coacervate droplets

Invited Speakers (Japan)

Miho Aizawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Fabrication of functional adhesive materials containing stimuli-responsive molecules
Shinji Bono (Ritsumeikan University) Visualization of electric and thermal properties of micromachines using liquid crystal droplets
Keiki Kishikawa (Chiba University) Room temperature-ferroelectric columnar liquid crystals driven by a low electric field
Kiyoshi Minoura (Sharp Display Technology) Pancharatnam-Berry optical elements as new applications for liquid crystals technology
Hiroshi Moritake (National Defense Academy) 100 GHz band phased array antenna and reflect array using microfiber/liquid crystal composite
Yumiko Naka (Tokyo University of Science) Liquid-crystalline properties of viologens
Masanori Ozaki (Osaka University) Polarization direction on the surface of alignment films of ferroelectric nematic liquid crystal
Moritsugu Sakamoto (Nagaoka University of Technology) Liquid crystal geometric phase elements for mid- and far-infrared wavelengths
Yuka Tabe (Waseda University) Induced smectic phases of liquid crystalline binary mixtures
Osamu Tsutsumi (Ritsumeikan University) Mechano-Optical Response of Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Polymers
Rumiko Yamaguchi (Akita University) Characteristics of Qusi-Twisted Vertical Align Mode Liquid Crystal
Jun Yamamoto (Kyoto University) Fluctuation Microscopy