EKISHO Vol.19 No.3


  • Too Much Old to Explore the New Nature Land / Junji WATANABE -119-


  • What are the Alkyl Chains Doing in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals? / Yasuhisa YAMAMURA and Kazuya SAITO -126-
  • Liquid Crystalline Materials for Synthesis, Separation, Sensing and Alignment of Chiral Species / Yasuhiro ISHIDA -135-
  • Design of Metastable Molecular Assemblies for Stimuli-responsive Luminescent Materials / Shiki YAGAI -143-
  • Application of Redox-triggered Liquid-crystalline Molecular Switches on Actuators / Toshihiro OHTAKE, Hideki TANAKA and Akira OHTA -148-


  • Continuum Simulation of Liquid Crystals and Its Background (Part 3) / Jun-ichi FUKUDA -158-

Report from Universities and Institutions

  • Furumi Laboratory, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science Division 1, Tokyo University of Science / Seiichi FURUMI -168-

Voices from Young Researchers

  • From When I Decided to Pursue the Doctoral Course up to the Present Time / Yo INOUE -171-
  • 15 Years with Liquid Crystalline Materials / Jun-ichi MAMIYA -172-

  • English Abstracts -173-