• Liquid Crystals Directed to Future / Takashi KATO -1-


  • Alignment Control for Liquid Crystalline Polymer Films by Free-surface Modification / Shusaku NAGANO and Takahiro SEKI -7-
  • Recent Progress in Photoalignment Technology and Mechanical Analysis of Film / Atsushi SHISHIDO -15-
  • Ion-controlled Color Change Device using Hydroxypropyl Cellulose LC / Yusuke TSUDA -23-
  • Photoresponsive Macrocyclic Liquid-crystalline Materials and Photoresponsive Crystal-to-liquid Phase Transition Materials / Yasuo NORIKANE -30-


  • Continuum Simulation of Liquid Crystals and Its Background (Part 1) / Jun-ichi FUKUDA -38-

Report from Universities and Institutions

  •  Furue Laboratory, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science / Hirokazu FURUE -46-

Voices from Young Researchers

  • A Reflection on My Liquid Crystal Research in a University/ Hiroyuki YOSHIDA -49-
  • Reflecting Back to the Research Life during College / Yosuke IWATA -50-

Conference Report

  • Report on Japanese Liquid Crystal Conference and Exchange Meeting 2014 / Hiroaki IINO -51-

  • In Memory of Dr. Takashi Inukai / Dietrich Demus -53-
  • English Abstracts -54-