• Preface Greetings to all members of JLCS / Yo SHIMIZU -157-

General Review

  • Energy Efficient Liquid Crystal Display using Photonic Crystal Structure composed of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Materials / Masayoshi SUZUKI -158-


  • A Novel Nematic LCD Providing Both Bistable with Memory Function and Monostable Modes / Taiju TAKAHASHI -171-
  • The Development of New Optical Film to Improve the Viewing Angle Characteristics of LCD / Yusuke TSUDA -180-

Industry Trends

  • Display Industry in New FPD(Free Perception Device)Era / Hiroaki KITAHARA -190-

Report from Universities and Institutions

  • Yokoyama Laboratory at Kent State University / Hiroshi YOKOYAMA -197-

Voices from Young Researchers

  • My University Life / Kazuya GODA -200-
  • Reasons why I Have aimed to be a Researcher and Message for Students / Shogo YAMANE -201-

English Abstracts -202-